At Blackcrane Capital, our investment culture is a direct reflection of our core values.

Humility in all situations

We work in a high stress industry. Talented and ambitious people must compete against one another aggressively in order to succeed. This atmosphere can often lead to situations of adverse emotions and hostility, which is detrimental to the investment process. At Blackcrane, we focus on exhibiting humility, especially during moments of success. Without humility it is difficult to maintain investment discipline and objectivity, which can lead to negative biases such as over confidence and exuberance.

Respect and understanding the perspectives of others

Let’s face it. No matter how polite or nice a group of people may be initially, it is only a matter of time before this begins to erode. Without a conscientious effort to maintain an equal level of respect for each team member, it is inevitable that emotions may potentially escalate to hostility within any group. At Blackcrane, no one is entitled to receive more or less respect than any other member of its flat structured investment team. This helps cultivate an environment in which every voice and insight can be voiced and heard without restraint.

Pure active investment management

There seems to be a never ending list of distractions that constantly dilute the ability of investment managers to simply focus on their jobs. Some of these may include an overly structured investment team, hyper attention to benchmark constraints, or even a bureaucratic committee and intracompany politics. Blackcrane structures its investment team in a way that minimizes the typical cheerleading biases that can arise when investment members are pigeonholed into very narrow responsibilities. Members are also encouraged to work autonomously and have the freedom to maximize value within a well-defined opportunity set.