Blackcrane Overseas Alpha Achieves Five-Year Track Record

April 25th, 2018

We recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of our flagship strategy, Blackcrane Overseas Alpha. The strategy’s five-year quarterly track record, as of March 31, 2018, is now available in eVestment orĀ by request.

“Traditional factors such as value and growth come in and out of favor regularly,” says Daniel Kim, CEO and CIO of Blackcrane Capital and lead Portfolio Manager for the strategy. “Rather than focus on these factors alone, the Blackcrane Overseas Alpha strategy captures an empirically proven inefficiency that can generate alpha in both up and down market cycles. This approach has enhanced our returns over the last five years.”

“I am fortunate to have been blessed with an amazing team who share the Blackcrane vision, along with exceptional clients who have always been extremely supportive,” Kim adds. “I owe all the success to them.”


Past performance does not guarantee future results.


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